Top Boarding School in Krishnagiri - Vanaprastha International School
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Principal’s Message

From Principal’s desk


Education has three-fold purpose: information, formation and transformation. 


Information of basic subjects and academic matters.
Formation to life to live in a society.
Transformation of personality and life to be more human and spiritual. 


Genuine education aims at the total development of the pupil and their overall formation as socially conscious leaders and citizens.  We want to provide education to the children of all categories.


How can we educate the child?  In different ways and in using various methods.  Above all, we need patience and love to educate them.  Teachers are role models to the students.  A teacher needs to be a mother/father, to be a friend, to be a guide and to be a facilitator.  A teacher has to understand their family background and encourage them when they are discouraged and depressed.  We need to discipline them and inculcate in them self-understanding  and self-control.


A teacher need to be creative and available. Classes should be made alive and interesting.  A teacher has to be an educator to take to heart the progress of the student and to follow student’s spiritual and intellectual growth.  The teacher above all, should mould the mind and the heart of the student.


Education plays an important role in the initial stages of a child’s life. We care to lay that right basic foundation. We care to walk with your child. We want your child to be positive, constructive and happy. We teach the art of self-control and mutual respect. We take particular care in community building and group work. Apart from imparting academic knowledge, your child is taught to live in the society. VIS is distinct for formation to life. It stands out in educating your child to discover his/her potentialities. We work hard to develop within them a passion for excellence and determination to meet challenges with a sober and calm mind, to help to achieve self-esteem to live a balanced life.