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Annual Report 2019-20

“It’s better to be a child of God than to be the king of the World”
Mugulappalli, Hosur, Krishnagiri Dt., TN
Shanti Om

“My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour”. This is the year of great blessings which has created a lot of achievements, creativity and harmony. The school formation has an essential role in imparting good value and education that will bring forth an overall development of the student. To implement this, our school inculcates physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual and social values in the minds of students so as to transform them into greater personalities. Our system of education is a blend of theory and practice in the right proportion to arrive at a comprehensive curriculum. With immense pleasure I present to you the Annual Report 2019 – 2020.


New Officials and Appointments:
This academic year began with all vibrancy with the following appointments. Transfers are inevitable for the Religious Sisters. Rev.Sr.Joseph Mary has been appointed new vice-principal of our school in the place of Rev.Sr.Suvarchala, who served memorable three years for the welfare of our Vanaprastha International Academy. We extend our warm welcome to the new officials and teaching and non-teaching Staff who have assumed office this year. I place on record all our sincere gratitude and whole hearted appreciation to the former officials for their wonderful services.


Profile of the School:
With the prime vision of our School and the dream of its successors, our school was established in June 2005 with the strength of 350 students and 11 teaching staff from LKG to IV standard and in 2009 and 2010 VIII & IX standards were begun respectively. Now our school has a strong team of 4 Religious Sisters, 59 teaching staff and 36 Non-Teaching Staff who are devoted to the cause of education. The present strength of School is 1186 of which there are 663 Boys and 523 Girls. This marvelous progress is achieved not only in number but in quality and excellence as well.


Academic Highlights:
The high attainments of our students in academics, speak volumes of the dedication and single mindedness of our teachers and management. The Eighth batch of brilliant students appeared for X Standard Public Examination in March 2019.


It was the Almighty God’s grace, the strenuous hard work of our Staff, the tireless efforts of our students and constant co-operation of the parents that we were able to achieve the spectacular results of previous years. I do appreciate all the Staff and Students who have brought laurels to our Institution. Congratulation dear students and much thanks to the dedicated staff and parents. On 21/05/2019 the rank holders, centum scorers and the teachers concerned were awarded by Hosur Sahodhya with Silver medals as a token of appreciation.


Our school consists of spacious and highly ventilated class rooms. Teaching learning ratio is 1:30. Well-furnished class rooms and smart class for better learning, well equipped science laboratories and ATL lab for acquiring scientific skill are well appreciated by many. The library with good number of books which highly promotes reading habit among students and teachers. Our school is magnificent with well-trimmed plants and fresh green lawn which reflects deeply acute love for nature and inherent aesthetic sense. It has gone a long way to give the school a picturesque and eye warming look. A vast playground for various games help our young buds for better teamwork and physical and mental health. Well maintained and affordable residency both for boys and girls, serve better circumstances as home for the children and helps parents away from their worries.


Special Activities Launched in this Year:
The aim of our school is to foster the highest individual learning achievement and growth. Every child should leave the school with a high sense of self confidence and appreciation as learning is a lifelong process when entering for all ability levels and learning styles. Our main focus is that children being happily engaged and achieving the best possible learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy.


All the students are given opportunity to participate in the school’s outstanding performing arts programme. High levels of student attendance are promoted; maintained and quick information is being given to parents when students fail to come to school. To promote parents involvement in students’ growth thrice in a week assignments, and reading tasks are sent by the SMS package, and necessary information’s are communicated to the parents (as on when required).


We follow the regular timetable pertaining both curricular and co-curricular activities. Every Friday, extracurricular activities like classical dance, western dance, yoga classes are handled by masters, teachers and trainers. Each and every student are instructed to take active part in one event per year. In addition to the common subjects, classes like computer, spoken English, spoken Hindi, drawing and smart classes keep our students very active and promote them as achievers. The Management monitors every now and then the academic progress of the students and effective role of the staff members.


Our Teachers:
Our school has enthusiastic and active Management headed by the Principal, and eight Heads of various departments. From every department one teacher is treated as head and is the leader of education and co-curricular activities. Teachers are extremely good at planning that meets pupils’ needs, ability, and interest and record their previous learning instantaneously. Their high quality teaching helps every child, in every class room. They pay special attention to the slow learners which increased their normal score to high level scoring.


Our Students:
Our students come to school with smiling face and they enjoy coming to school. They are well groomed with neat and tidy uniforms. They are taught to be very polite, well mannered, respectful, excitingly confident, more creative, much disciplined and skillfully managing and adjusting with their daily tasks. All the students have excellent attitude towards learning and take pride in their work which is seen in the stunning display of their work in the class rooms and around the school. They are being trained to become great leaders of future.


Remedial Classes:
The management took necessary care of the slow learners to maintain their standard. Parents are well informed about their performance in every midterm and terminal examination through progress reports. The management is keen in considering and implementing suggestions of the parents. Assignments, periodical tests and terminal examinations are being conducted as usual and progress cards are issued at the end of every exam. Thrice a year we meet the parents. The parents meeting of IX and X standard students were organized on the need basis.


Seminar and coaching classes were conducted both for students as well as for the teaching community. Mr.Siju Thomas MBA. ATP Jesark Chief Mentor conducted two days seminar for teachers from 30/05/2019 to 31/05/2019. In order to motivate the students of X standard Rev.Sr.Maria Xaviour, formal principal enlightened our students.


Functions and Celebrations:
On 10/06/2019, the Board of Management welcomed warmly the 72 students from IX grade to X Grade. On18/06/2019 we selected the SPL, ASPL & different club activities leaders. Previous SPL & ASPL and other leaders handed over their duties to the present leaders. On 15/08/2015 Independence Day was celebrated in a meaningful manner. Rev.Fr.Sibi the Director, Rev.Fr.Jaimon the Correspondent and Rev.Sr.Joseph Mary Rev.Sr.Darathy presided over the function.


On 05/09/2019 TEFIAT (Teacher’s day and Fine Arts function) were conducted to mark “on stage and off stage” programs like speech, solo dance, group dance, singing, power point presentation, drawing, master of ceremony, on the spot reading, pick & speak and foot notes. Except KG students, all classes took active part in it. It paved platform to exhibit their talents. Rev.Fr.Sibi the Director, Rev.Fr.Jaimon the Correspondent and Rev.Sr.Joseph Mary Rev.Sr.Darathy presided over the function and awarded the winners.


To instill helping tendency among youngsters, on 06/12/2019, we celebrated charity day. The various heads of the departments organized it and raised fund. From 21/11/2019 to 25/11/2019 various competitions were conducted for the teachers, and the winners were honored.


To develop the attitude of sharing, on 21/12/2019 Christmas was celebrated. Rev.Fr.Sibi the Director, Rev.Fr.Jaimon the Correspondent and the Principal of Vanaprastha International Academy presided over the function. On 14/01/2019 Pongal was celebrated in the premises.


Physical Education: Awards and Recognition
Our students are very brilliant in Education as well as in sports events. Most of them take active participation in all the sports events conducted at Inter School Competition. I would like to mention the winners who made our Institution’s name fly high with their stunning performance.


Vanaprastha International Academy, Krishnagiri
 Sports and Games Competition
S.No Date Name Class Event Place
Asian Christian School Sports
1 06/10/2019 V.Pooja IX 4*100 Relay P
2 Saujanya IX 4*100 Relay P
3 N.Mounica IX 4*100 Relay P
4 Renu IX 4*100 Relay P
Shemford Inter School  Sports
1 06/10/2019 Soujanya IX 200mtrs Running Race Under 17 P
2 06/10/2019 Soujanya IX 100mtrs Running Race Under 17 P


Curricular Achievements:
High quality, meticulous planning and challenging programs are extended to the potential of each individual. It is my pleasure to announce the Awardees of the year 2015.


Date Competition School level
10/07/2019 Rhymes At school LKG
11/09/2019 Story Telling At school UKG
26/07/2019 Reciting Tamil Poem At school All Primary students
13/08/2019 Elocution At school High  School
14/08/2019 Dance At school All student participated
10/11/2019 Science Expo At school Kinder Garden
17/10/2019 Science Expo Stamford school Third Prize we won
29/11/2019 Drawing At school
04/01/2019 Singing At school


Developmental Activities:
For convenient travel, we bought a new bus worth added to the existing transportation;
To inspire children in sports we set up children’s park for higher class play materials and musical instruments were bought.
For instant communication with the students, audio facility were put in each class room.
To maintain elegance of the buildings, it was whitewashed.
To provide good atmosphere, additional furniture were bought.
To instill scientific thinking, adequate science articles were bought for growth of students.
To promote reading habits among students and teachers, books were bought for library.
To manage the erratic power failure, we upgraded the UPS and computers.
To have good communication between parents and Management we installed SMS software.


The management feels happy to provide all these for the welfare of the students as well as for the teachers.


Social and Spiritual Activities:
Spirituality must be integrated with education. The day begins with the general assembly followed by yoga / meditation which refreshes their minds and hearts.  In solidarity with our students and teachers, we make our presence felt with them on all occasions whether it is any celebration or obituary to console them.


It is with a deep sense of humility and gratitude that we present these achievements. All these are the gifts of God through the powerful grace of our beloved Mother Mary to those who think and toil all their lives for the service of mankind. May the Almighty God bless us all and all our endeavors.


Thank You One and All!