Best School in Bangalore - Vanaprastha International School
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Correspondents’s Message

From the Directors Desk

Shanti Om!


India is a fast growing country in all its senses. It is a challenge to live in this historical moment to witness the changing faces of our traditional villages and to live together with these young minds who would lead the nation of tomorrow that the cry for social justice and equality may not go unheard.


“Throwing a child in to the world without proper education is equal to throwing an young sparrow without wings into the sky” (Don Milani). Proper education shall bring a silent revolution in and around the villages of VIS. There is enough fire and passion in the veins of these young hearts. Our role is to keep them alive. The classical audacity of a child has to be properly directed and channelized.


At VIS, we educate with a radical difference. The student is at the centre of our life and our being. “In this temple of education, we adore your child our God”.


VIS is committed to the total formation of our students. We teach the art of living. To start with, a student is taught the basics of “shantiyoga”, yoga of peace and care. A student is trained into the great “art of silence” and meditation to discover the power and joy of being. Development of “self observation” is the greatest tool to mould a student. Our approach to the student is highly personal and so there is room for follow-up and total development. Constancy is our trademark and our iconic residential facility can provide ample opportunity for a student.


In this innovative Gurukula, young minds get their food for thought that their great dreams may come true. It’s an abode of academic excellence because at VIS,  we care. We color their vision. And when your vision is clearly defined you leap further.


Ours is a teamwork to provide outstanding service for a dependable performance to help you discover the nature in you. At VIS we offer no prefabricated workbook solutions but creative and radical challenges to tread upon.


I wish my students and staff every success and proud achievements at VIS. May your time in this temple of education be exceedingly rewarding, pleasant, magnificent and a memorable one.


Know that we are there for you in and out of time. Our doors are open for you always. Your growth, your well-being, your formation and your happiness is our sole motive. We exist for you and for you alone.